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Kyle Henderson, a Certified Life Coach and owner of Transitions Coaching has been transforming lives of small business owners and people seeking clarity as well as a healthy weight and lifestyle in the SWFL area.

Small business owners such as; Attorneys, Therapists, Realtors, Financial Advisors, CPA's and Contractors, all work in a high stress environments that often depletes them emotionally and physically and they rely on Coaching with Kyle as a means to help keep them centered and refreshed so they can focus on their clients and their work.

Caretakers for aging family members or those with special needs are vital to those who depend on them and therefore often need to find ways to reduce stress and find balance in their lives. These people often times they feel overwhelmed and that there isnt any time for "them", which can leave them feeling lonely, and burned out if not addressed.

Do you feel tired or sluggish? Do you feel like your metabolism is slow if moving at all? Are you unsure of what healthy portions on your plate look like? How long has it been since you weighed yourself? Do you wonder if you drink enough water every day? Need someone who can help Coach you and keep you on track? Ready for a change but don't know where to start? Kyle Henderson is a Certified Health Coach who will listen to your concerns, and help make a plan of action to get started eating and feeling more healthy! Kyle offers you a plan with portion-controlled meal replacements that will help re-train your body and mind on how, what and when to eat. She will be a mentor, educator, coach, and friend. Don't wait another day - get started now!

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